With only 3 games on the slate for tonight, it’s going to be all about finding players with the highest ceilings.  Tonight is not the night to concern yourselves with a player’s floor



Steph Curry ($9,500 vs NO)

He may be expensive, but I expect Curry to come out firing 3’s right from the opening tip.  The Pelican’s don’t have a single player that can even come close to shutting down the reigning MVP in this game.  I expect Holiday to play less than 25min, just in case you were thinking he could be that defender to give Curry problems. Look for Curry to prove that last year was no fluke, and what better stage to do so then opening night on national TV.


Mo Williams ($4,900 vs Chi)

I expected his price to be closer to $6,000 so at $4,900…Mo Williams is a good deal.  His ceiling is extremely high tonight.  He should find himself with plenty of open 3 point shots as the Bulls swarm around Lebron.  It’s difficult to project stats for opening night where quirky things can happen, but I expect 30+ Min and 12+ FGA from Mr 50 points.



Jimmy Butler ($7,600 vs Cle)

Jimmy Butler may finally have the reins unleashed with a new coach and a much more complex offensive system under Hoiberg.      Look for Butler to flirt with 24+ FGA and close to 35 points.

Draymond Green ($6,900 vs No)

Unless Anthony Davis plans on guarding Green for the entire game tonight, I expect big things from the newly signed Green.  He was a stat stuffer last year.  This year should be no different, and the pace of this game will be ideal for a player of Greens abilities.


Al Horford ($7,300 vs Det)

The Center options tonight are basically between Drummond and Horford on the high end of salary, or any number of low end salary centers that will be lucky to scratch out 15 Fantasy Points.  I would suggest going with Horford and constructing your lineup around him.  He has the most upside potential in comparison to other C options.  Big Al Jr is fully healthy and should be able to take Drummond outside of his comfort zone on defense, where Horford will show off his newest skill..the 3 point shot.


Lots of luck to all my fellow DFS players!


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How Can Vegas’ Expert Line-makers Help Us Win In DFS??

I consider myself to be experienced and well versed in the ways that Vegas makes their lines.  I will not claim to be an expert in this field, as other have done considerably more research.  Vegas needs to set their lines so they receive equal amounts of action on both sides.  Two factors come in to play here. The first is public perception and the second is cold hard data.  The Super Bowl line is the most notable game in which public perception weighs heavier on the line as opposed to cold hard data. BUT….

In a mid-season NBA match up, the cold hard data outweighs public perception when it comes to factoring into Vegas’ line.  This proves very beneficial to us. We will allow Vegas to guide us in the right direction for the night.  Allowing Vegas to do the hard work will give us a projected score for each game.  No matter what projection model you use, you will rarely arrive at a score that is significantly different than the line Vegas provides (free of charge).  DFS is built around scoring…lots of scoring.  If 2 players are projected similarly for the night, I will always suggest to go with the player whose team is projected to score more points, using the Vegas’ line

Picking players with an eye on their projected points is a great way to maneuver your way through a long NBA season.

Warriors Win It All! Iguodala Wins Final Mvp; Is Sure To Inflate His $$$ Next Year

Andre Iguodala winning the Finals MVP was a disservice to Steph Curry but should provide 2 different opportunities coming into next year for smart DFS players.  Simply fading Iguodala at the start of next season should provide value, as he will be a bit overrated, and is sure to fall short of his outstanding Final’s performance.  It’s not like Curry needs any more motivation but getting snubbed for MVP in the Finals can’t hurt. Buying Steph Cury early next season should prove fruitful.  He’ll ACTUALLY have to play 4th quarters as I don’t expect his team to be quite so dominant early on.  Add that to the tiniest bit of perceived slight, and he could be a monster early next season.


-Russell B